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Mk8 Motorsport was formed to assist the private owner with an experienced back up team at race meetings and test days. We also offer arrive and drive facilities in classic and historic FF1600.
Derek Buckton
I started racing in 1974 in Karts, progressing though to Formula Ford 1600 at 17 years old with a Hawk DL11, then on to Formula Ford 2000 a Reynard SF78 in 1979-1980, where i led the northern championships until work commitments and lack of finances put a halt to my racing. I then went on to run my brother James in the Sark Formula Ford 1600 car in the 750 Motor Club for 3 years.
James Buckton
I started Karting in cadets and progressed through to Junior TKM which then saw a move up to cars at 16 in a Westfield Eleven. I then moved on to our Elden to compete in the Historic Formula Ford 1600 championships and the Classic Formula Ford 1600 championships in which I won the Pre 1974 championships in 2011. Regularly competing in the HSCC formula ford championship with podium finishes over the season and 3rd in the championship


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