We have three Elden mk8's for hire in the HSCC formula ford series. Our cars are all identical and have proven competitiveness and high levels of reliability.  
Our Elden MK8's were built in 1971, with our most recent addition to the fleet been Chassis no. 4 and spent it's first life in the USA. The cars are most suited to the historic FF1600 championship. Chassis 7 the won the ‘ Pre 74’ class in the Classic series  back in 2011. This car in 2012 with our help took a novice in 2011 to class wins and 2nd in the ‘ Pre 74’  class of the classic championship. Chassis 7 has finished 3rd in 2014 and 2015 in the HSCC championship. Get in touch for competitive prices to suit your requirements.



With our at the circuit assistance we also have a wide range of services to offer from, a basic engine health check, using a cylinder leakage test, to resetting valve clearances and ignition settings.
Also whilst at the circuit we can offer help and guidance on chassis set up for varying weather conditions and be on hand to assist with any problems that may crop up during a meeting from just getting your times out to mechanical problems that may stop you making the race or practice.
MK8 Motorsport can also offer to be on hand at a test day for any customer that requires it, in this capacity we can often get the car and driver on the pace for that particular track by diagnosing and rectifying basic car set up problems from poor gear selection or shocker and roll bar settings by doing this we would hope that the owner driver will have a better understanding of how to get the best from the car and themselves. Contact us to discuss requirements


We can supply everything you need to build an Elden mk8 from scratch so there is no reason not to get your car out on track and worry about replacements parts..